Saturday, not Monday Morning Quarterbacking

I head down next week to my first fitness conference since deciding to get my certification. The sessions have been selected and changed 4 times, my networking business cards have been printed and picked up. The fashionista in me stalked instagram feeds to see what people were wearing at earlier conferences so I would know what to pack. I even splurged on a brand new Yeti water bottle, thinking it’ll remind me afterwards why I’m on this journey. I’m mentally ready to go, hopefully I won’t be that weird kid starting a new elementary school newbie.

So the plans for the weekend are simple to learn and make connections. It would be amazing to find a training job lead that lets me vocalize my passion, but keep my day job and its health insurance. I’m limiting myself to paying cash for anything I want to buy at the event marketplace–I know how I can impulse shop.

Plus my favorite college restaurant has a location down the block from the conference hotel. Fitness convention or not–I am so looking forward to a Miami Vice and an order of nachos.

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