Living in Balance

Here we go. . .

Let’s start with my primary rules I’ve developed to keep the balance in my life. Took me forever to realize if everything isn’t balanced, I’ll never be happy.

  1. Don’t skip a Monday or the beginning of your week workout. It sets me up to be lazy the rest of the week. Though if my body needs sleep that wins out in end.
  2. Mess up on a meal, get over it and start fresh with your next one. People that eat perfect all the time are boring. Sometimes you just need a Wendy’s burger.
  3. Shortcuts are okay. I have the freezer full of Trader Joe’s veggies to back me up. If they can slice my fajita veggies for me, I’m perfectly fine with that.
  4. Time in the gym is the easy part, the rest of the hours is where life gets complicated.
  5. Life is short, eat the bacon.

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