The downside of those nutrition labels.

I’m one of those people who flips over a package and reads the label in the supermarket before buying food. At this point I can discern whether it’s worth it or not in about a nano second.

I know I want to eat something balanced and try to limit the amount of sugar I take in every day. This of course means splurge foods that used to be favorites are no longer in my food rotation. The good news is I can figure out an alternative that’s going to work.

Which brings me to last week, I was totally excited for the S’Mores Frap to be back at Starbucks, it’s a sign of spring. It also has 65 grams of sugar in a grande, and even I realized I can’t modify that and keep the taste to go. So I live without 2 days worth of sugar in one drink. The old me would’ve just ordered the drink. It wasn’t as bad as my rant over the Jack Daniel’s Pulled Pork at least. That was the nutrition label I should’ve never read and let myself live in oblivion to how much sugar barbque sauce actually has.

Bottom line is: READ THE LABEL. Even if it’s going to make you cry. It’s funny how those unhealthy foods of my teens are probably better for me than anything else.