Thoughts a week after my first IDEA Personal Trainer Institute

It’s been just under 6 months since my passed the ACE Personal Trainer exam. I’m in the hunt for a gym job to make my side hustle; but with a flex work schedule that changes week to week it’s been difficult. There is a need for me to find a niche and a focus, then make my changes.

Last week, I attended my first IDEA Personal Trainer Institute down in Virginia. It got my Continuing Ed done until I need to renew my cert in 18 months. That alone was a big plus. More importantly I came out with tired but with a rejuvenated focus on making my lifestyle change.

Amongst the revelations I had:

  • I was in the lower end of the age bracket of attendees, I always feel old when I train at a gym where most of the staff was born after Kurt Cobain died;
  • Your passion can be a mid career change. Everyone I talked to has done something else at one point in their life;
  • Continuing learning is a must I don’t want to be the meat head trainer that doesn’t advance their techniques with the times. I can always find a way to improve the person that I am;
  • I need to find a local TRX gym, my next certification is going to be that–I just need to start taking my own classes for it;
  • It’s going to be a yearly thing even if I’m not training and coaching clients full time, I got that much out of it.  Next year I’m stopping at Trader Joe’s before I check in. A weekend on hotel food just does not cut it when I eat as clean as I do.  I have 11 months to get an awesome business card design too.

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